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95 blazer fuel punp-relay

95 blazer 4.3 v6 4dr auto

For about 2-3 yrs if you let tank get around or below 1/4 it will not start until you add more gas, it starts right up with starting fluid.

Used search and read about pulsator connected to pump and sock screen.

Want to know where relay for pump is so they can check connections.

Any other Ides or thoughts.

Thank you and thanks for this great helpful site

The fuel pump relay is located in the convienence center under the passenger side of the dash.

Usually when an engine becomes hard to start when level of gas is low in the tank, it points to a weak fuel pump. You might consider having the fuel pressure tested to determine if this is the case.


Thank you tester, Is it possibly for pressure to be low for 2-3 years?