95 avenger cutting out during idle and acceleration

i have a 95 avenger but under the hood its the same as the eclipse. it has a 2.0 non turbo. the engine was cutting out during acceleration so i replaced the fuel filter but that didn’t help. then i drove it out of town to my fathers who is a mechanic and when he test drove it there was no problem so we checked the gap on the plugs which was off and adjusted then a injector cleaner was added to the gas tank. it seemed to help and now its been a couple days and the car is cutting out worse than before and not only doing it during acceleration but also during idle.

Was the fuel pressure checked?

How old are those newly gapped plugs? The wires?

How many miles on this car? How old are spark plug wires, distributor cap, rotor?

Is it worse in rain or high humidity?

Car has approx 160,000 miles, plugs and wires are not new, no cap and rotor (coil packs). the plugs are a bit worn, all normal in appearance. Humidity not a factor.

No check engine light? I’d try new plugs and wires.

No check engine light, plugs will be the first try. thanks