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2001 F 350 7.3 Ltr. Powerstroke Diesel

7.3 Ltr Powerstroke Diesel, Electric Fuel Injection

Engine cranks but wont start. Batteries good, Starters Good, Injectors 1 yr old, Cam Shaft Positioning Sensor is new, Prior to it not starting, the vehicle was chugging as if fuel starved but stopped chugging after it warmed up and only did it during acceleration. Fuel pump has been replaced.

Any clue? I am a contractor…no truck, no work. Need some assistance here. Very knowledgeable with vehicles but this is throwing me.

Is this a 7.3 d.i. turbo diesel ?
For some odd reason you omitted extremely important basic info.
Yet it sounds as if it is. ( powerstroke )

Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Please see edited original message

I’m talking to two diesel techs now. more info shortly.

Are there any codes ?
Check engine light ?

The first ‘starvation’ issue might be sediment in the tanks plugging the filter socks on the sender.
The ‘no start’ now may be glow plug relay.

Check engine light is stuck and has never gone out. Have not taken it to a garage to check after repairs were made.
There is no sediment in the tank, that was dropped last year and cleaned. I am checking out the glow plug now. Will get back with you.

Mileage on engine?? CEL is “stuck”?? details, details…

Most often (but this is a shot in the dark) is a stuck IPR Injection pressure regulator.

Have just replaced the fuel filter…and checked the glow plugs…all is well

Caddyman. After repairing and rebuilding engine a year ago, and replacing all fuel injectors, the check engine light never went off. The truck has run fine but never was able to determine why. Not sure why it hasnt gone off. Because it is my only work vehicle, our local Diesel repair shop stated it would be a week to run a diagnostic on it but the vehicle had to remain there.

Kawasaga… IPR is ok

Thanks everyone for your suggestions…taking starter back off to have retested. Batteries seem to be draining fast. I will attack the chugging as soon as this issue is resolved.

OK…Final diagnosis and repair. Advanced Auto called us back. Stated there was a problem with their testing machine for testing starters. The starter was bad after all.
After an all day trouble shoot, a few miles of driving and 134. dollar price tag for a new starter…Truck runs like a dream. Thanks to all who helped. (typed by the wife)

The engine would crank, yet the cause of the no-start condition was the starter??? This is puzzling. If you would, could you please explain how this was determined? Could it not turn the engine fast enough to get it started or something?