94 Tarus Wagon 127K mi has rough ride - new struts needed?

Hi, I have a great running 94 Taurus wagon that has rebuilt transmission around 90K, new tires and breaks, battery, belts, radiator.

It just runs great and I’m considering getting new struts for both front and rear so that the ride is better. Currently I feel every bump in the road even when there are no other passengers or payload in the car.

Also when the wagon is really loaded up the rear wheels visibly bow in and the front of the car rises into the air.

The cost I’ve been quoted is $1400.00 for this work in Chicago IL, approx $700 for from $700 for rear.

I anticipate the car will last me at least another 3-5 years if not longer.

My question is will new struts really improve the ride or should I do something else? Will new struts keep the front end from rising so far in the air when and back wheels from bowing in when the car is loaded up?

I’m not sure if the ride quality and loading issues I’ve describe are to be expected for this model or if it related to the car’s age; and if so if putting new struts on it will fix any of them.

All input appreciated!

Many Thanks!

I forgot to mention, I just had the suspension of the car check by a good Ford dealer in Chicago last week during a recall and explained how the rear wheels bow in. They reported that all parts of the suspension looked good and that the wagons tended to have that problem when loaded.

If you haul weight often consider overloads for the rear. Struts/shocks do not “hold up” anything, that’s the job of the springs. Shocks control the bounce. To maintain a better ride when unloaded consider air bag type overloads. AIRLIFT brand makes a nice set for our trucks but I’m not sure of the car applications. Check online catalogs like JC whitney etc.

Hi Ken, Many thanks for the help.

In this model I understand the springs are integrated with the struts and fit on the outside of them. I’m not sure if they are serviceable separately, or if they are worn out if they should be replaced them without also replacing the struts.

I did find the AirLift system from my wagon (thanks), I’ll have to find out how they would get installed given the springs fit around the struts. At first glance the airlift cylinder seems like it would fit inside the spring: