'94 Saturn SL Clutch


We just purchased a 1994 Saturn for well below the list price, knowing it would need some work. It does. It is a 5-spd SL and the stick will move freely around but will not find a gear. If you do find a gear (which we did while test-driving it today- 2nd gear), it gets stuck. With some patient maneuvering, it will come out. It takes a lot to get it to grab a gear, though. We spoke with a mechanic friend who suggested a few problems, including synchronization in the transmission. Linkage was also suggested. Some Googling also suggested that it might be the linkage bushing.

I wondered if anyone else had some input about this, and, if it is the linkage bushing, what the labor might look like for that. The part seems relatively inexpensive.

Thanks for your time,


It is probably going to be a problem with the cable linkage and/or bushings between the shifter and the transmission gear selector. One way to see if the transmission is able to select the correct gear is to lift one wheel and manually (at the transmission) try to get the gear selector to engage each ratio i.e. rev, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. If the transmission will go into each gear, you have to work on the shifter and linkage until you can use the shifter to do the same as done at the transmission. Visually watch the transmission selectdor. Once you have the shifter engaging each gear, you will have to evaluate whether the synchronizers and dog clutches are healthy by driving it.

Get back to us when you get to that point. Hope that helps.