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94 Safari acceleration problem

I have a 94 Safari van.

When I start it up after sitting over night it accelerates like normal until I drive a few blocks.

After driving about 4 - 8 blocks it has a slight hesitation at very light throttle.

If I accelerate hard it seems to go ok.

Which system is most likely the cause

- fuel

- electrical

- sensor


Does the Check Engine Light ever come on?

Sensor is not a system. Sensors are part of all the other systems.

The most likely cause is fuel or electrical, more specifically, ignition.

Not enough information to know which.

Have you taken your Safari to a mechanic for this problem?

Doesn’t have a engine light.
Correct about the sensor / system.
Haven’t taken it to a mechanic, wanted to try to narrow it down first.

Thought it might be a temp related sensor and thought someone else might have experienced this before.

once it warms up it still has the slight hesitation.