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94 Rodeo Injector Update

Turns out that the problem with the Rodeo was the fuel pressure regulator. My mechanic and I tackled the job on Saturday. Took 3 hours. Pulled the whole thing apart and ended up replacing only one injector,because I had it and the fuel pressure regulator which he’s only seen one fail in 15 years. Said something about the diaphram must have went bad. Thank God for Pep Boys. They were the only shop with one in stock. Cool project for a weekend warrior. Def. not for a beginner. Glad he was there. I was in charge of cleaning the upper and lower intake manifolds with a toothbrush and 4 cans of parts cleaner. None of the injectors were leaking but one did show signs of wear so we replaced it. Truck has been starting right up and what a hudge relief. Paid $100.00 for the injector, $80.00 for the fuel press. reg., $75.00 for the Idle control valve motor and $140.00 for his labor. So all in all paid $395.00. For master mechanic level side job and now my 14 year old Rodeo w/ 233k miles is running like new again. :o)

Few things are better than getting a full follow up report - they’re rare. So thanks for that.

No problemo…Thanks to all who contributed tips. I printed all of the blogs and showed them to my mechanic who credited the person with the fuel pressure regulator tip. So cudos for this forum…

Kudos for the feedback. Information is the life blood of troubleshooting.