94 Plymouth Voyager-Demo Derby!

We have a 94 plymouth voyager mini van that we are going to be putting back in the demolition derby. We are having a problem with the transmission. It starts fine-no problem and will shift easily into drive. then we go to shift it into reverse and get nothing. we filled up the tranny fluid drove around for a bit and then all of a sudden it would go into reverse. start it the next day and once again no reverse-check fluids again but still nothing. My question is-since its only going in the derby-does anyone know of a way to temporarily get reverse? enough so that it will last at least an hour.

Ha! I used to have one of those but I was never fortunate enough to get it into a demo derby. (I LOVE these derbies)

As you are well aware, the collisions happening will definitely loosen, break and otherwise demolish parts on the van. Why else call it a demo derby eh?

The tranny on this van is one of the worst to begin with and I think it’s possible the hammering is loosening crud from inside the tranny (Or maybe even the gears are cutting themselves up) and is plugging up solenoids or making valves stick. (Just guessing)

The shift linkage may be damaged (not sure).

Anyway, good luck with the fun.

Loving to burn up vehicles one shot would be to remove the transmission filter, just in case, then add as much trans medic to replace the lost fluid as you dare.