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Leaking Avalanche

I have a 2002 Avalanche 2500 4w drive with the 8.1L engine. The problem is that it is leaking oil, but only after a long drive. Plus the leak happens like a spray after the car has been sitting for more than 20 minutes. The oil is leaking from IN FRONT of the driver’s side front tire and I can’t see any oil up on the car. The oil leak only leaks for a short time and then stops until the next long drive. The truck has 118,000 miles.

You Have Identified It Positively As Motor Oil And Not Another Fluid ?

Yes - it is oil. It might be something from the radiator (oil cooler on bottom of radiator). Just strange how it only leaks for a short time and as a spray after the truck is shut down.

Look for your oil pressure sending unit and see if it is the source of the leak. One trick for finding the source is to wrap suspected parts with pieces of paper towel. You can secure them with a nylon tie or even a twist tie. Take a long drive as see what is showing a leak.

On a long drive, the oil gets hotter than it does around town, therefore it thins out more and is more likely to slip through the cracks.