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94 nissan altima

I am thinking of buying a 94 Nissan Altima with 195000 miles. AC, power windows on the car work fine , runs good, car clean, motor obviously has wear. Can anyone advise as to whether this model has any life left in it ? Price seems reasonable-$ 1500

How much life is left in the car is largely dependent upon how well it was maintained.
If you can examine its maintenance records, and compare them to the mfr’s maintenance schedule that should be sitting in the glove box, that will tell you if the previous owner(s) have kept up with maintenance properly.

If you can’t verify good maintenance, walk away from this deal. A car with 195k on the odometer has little life left in it if it has not been maintained properly.

Also–you need to have the car vetted by your mechanic prior to purchase in order to see if there is evidence of collision damage or other problems that only surface when the car is on a lift.

If it needs no major work, it’s worth $500 tops. If not, then free may be too expensive.


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“Price seems reasonable - $1,500.”

No, price seems high for 195k miles.

Unless this car spent its life in a garage and comes with a folder full of maintenance records it’s worth no more than half the asking price.