94 Lumina APV 3.8L dies under acceleration



I have a 94 Lumina 3.8L APV with 150K+ on the clock. It periodically dies while driving but mainly upon acceleration. When it dies I get an “engine check light” prompt and the DTC came up crank position sensor and upon inspection found it to be cracked and I replaced it. Same problem. The next time the DTC pointed to the cam position sensor and I changed that. Same problem. I read the fuel pressure at the rail and it was less than 10psi so I changed the fuel pump and it now reads 35psi at the rail. Same problem. If I baby the throttle it will go and not stop now (all the parts had to improve something) but as soon as I hit the gas hard it dies. It will ,however, start right back up.

all help is appreciated,



Did you disconnect the battery during any of this? If not; do so. If the problem goes away for a day or two, it could be that the engine computer has gone. If the computer has to be rebooted like that to fix the problem it has to go. Time for an experiment. If it doesn’t work, I have no more suggestions.