94 Lexus

My boyfriend ( a mechanic) has a 94 Lexus car for me to use how ever it has problems. It has rear brakes locking( they were changed) and the car freezes won’t move in anyway. Every time when it’s driven 3-4 miles it freezes steering locks in place won’t move. What can be done?

Get a new boyfriend.

Seriously, we need more details. What was changed on the rear brakes? There’s more than just the pads and rotors. There is a hydraulic system to push the pads onto the rotors. What about the brake fluid? Was it replaced? When you say that the steering locks, do you mean that it loses power? You can still turn the steering wheel in a car with power steering, even though it’s harder to do. Or do you mean that the steering locks just like when the ignition is turned off?


If your boyfriend is a mechanic, why are you asking us for help?

Shouldn’t he fix the car and make it safe to drive before letting you use it?

I would never knowingly let anybody I love drive a vehicle that I knew to have bad brakes.

Not to mention the steering . . .