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Sticky brakes - 2002 Lexus SC 430

! am looking for direction in getting advice on a brake problem with my 2002 Lexs sc430. The car has developed “sticky” brakes. When bringing the car to a stop the brakes seem to lock up. Then when releasing the brake pedal on startup the pedal sticks and the car does not move until the gas pedal is pressed fairly strongly. This can cause unexpected acceleration. Also, if the brake is pressed suddenly and forcefully the car comes to a hard stop quickly when the brakes lock. Any ideas on the fix for this would be appreciated.

When was your last brake job? What brand of brake pads were installed?

Also, have you checked to see if your calipers are sticking? Stop on a hill, put the car in neutral and see if it rolls down the hill. If it holds you may have a sticking caliper or a bad master cylinder.