Frozen brakes? 540 BMW



My brakes in this cold weather keep locking up does anyone know anything about this? It seems to only happen to the front ones too. I’ve taken it to one shop in particular three times the last month. It started out with replaceing one brake linging. It froze up under a week later (on the highway) had it towed back to the shop which I paid for. They kept it from Thursday morning till tuesday evening broke off a bleeder screw. I bought a new caliper. Froze up the next morning then released. Didn’t have any problems intill this Saturday when it froze up agin I brought it back to the shop where it sits now. Does anyone know what’s going on?? 540 1999 BMW


Sounds like this shop doesn’t know how to do BMW brakes.


Are BMW brakes differant uncle turbo… ??


Yes and no. As per basic parts and function - no. As per unique little parts, clips, slides, and connectors - yes. You need a shop that has experience with BMW brakes to troubleshoot the problem. Perhaps the pads are cheap and just defective, or perhaps they are the wrong size pads. Perhaps some clip or fastener was not reinstalled properly. Without seeing the car it is all a lot of perhaps this and maybe that.

What is clear is multiple return visits over the period of a month to the current shop shows that they are not up to figuring this out. One option for a proper fix is a BMW dealer, also the most expensive. Next is a good German specialty independent shop. Since this isn’t the latest model BMW the info and experience to deal with your problem is out there, you just need to find it. All you know now is the current shop isn’t getting the job done. You need brakes you can rely on and trust, you don’t have that now.


When was the last time (if ever) that the brake fluid was changed?

If the brake fluid is contaminated with condensation, that could be a significant part of this problem, especially in the very low temperatures that the entire country has been experiencing recently.


On dec 14th the fluid was changed and a week earlier when they were changing the brake lineings. My front brake pads WERE changed this summer though… Is it possible I got the wrong pads? But why would that effect the car now… Huh?


I wonder if there is a restriction in the brake line or a brake hose so that the line or hose acts as a check valve and when the brakes are applied and then released,the pressure remains on the calipers and the brakes remain on.


Well the dsc module is out but that the dealer (motor works) said that “that is to keep the car from locking it’s brakes from stoping.” my problem is getting the brakes disengauges. Right now the car is being looked at I told them to take their time and please look at it. So well see what happens.