Coolant leak

have a 1999 jeep cherokee 4x4 four liter inline 6. have a coolant drip at bottom radiator hose change hose. but still drip.could water pump be leaking. and it running down on the bottom radiator hose.

Have a good independent mechanic check the Jeep out. I believe most Jeep Cherokees in you age range had plastic radiators. They can crack easily as the plastic ages. The good news is that a new radiator can be purchased for between $110-$150 dollars. Premium units are slightly more.

With a flashlight, crawl under the vehicle and see if coolant is leaking from the water pump weep hole. If there is the water pump requires replacement.


@dripper…if you don’t like crawling under the Jeep then just purchase an “inspection” mirror and look under the water pump. If you see brown streaks coming out of the weep hole then replace the water pump as @Tester suggested.

You might want to “borrow” a pressure tester for the cooling system from Autozone or other parts store. That will pressurize the system enough (don’t exceed the radiator cap pressure, probably about 15psi) to match normal operation, and then you can look carefully without the engine running or being hot. If the pressure holds, you don’t have a leak. If the pressure drops, start looking carefully for the leak using a good strong light. It might be as simple as the hose clamp not being tight enough, or as you suspect, the water pump, or perhaps the radiator. Might be a little hard to find, but the pressure tester will be a big help.

Some auto parts stores lend out testing tools by charging your credit card and refunding the amount when you return the item, with no obligation to buy anything, though of course they are hoping you buy your replacement parts from there. My local Autozone has a selection of tools available.

If your leak is near the radiator end of the lower hose, it’s probably the radiator unless you just didn’t get the hose on tight. Good luck!