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94 jeep grand cherokee / should i fix or sell?

i have 1994 jeep grnd cherokee , i’ve put a new transmission in and cv shafts … now the front diferential is out of it. should i spend the money to fix it or sell it … note $650.00 to fix if i do work … please help !!! thanks james

Sigh…Well it would help if we knew how many miles were on it, the condition of the body, etc.

Is this thing a part time 4wd truck? You might be able to just disconnect it for now and only replace it if you need to use the 4wd.

174,00 body great , good all around

all wheeldrive high and low

Ah, so it probably doen’t have the disconnect hubs. What leads you to think the front diff is bad?

took off the cover gears were chewed up bad , ring and pinion!!!

You might check the junk/salvage yards for a replacement differential, that might be the cheapest way to go, it’d be hard to get anything for this as is.

check junk yards no parts there . all i can find is new so far.

The problem isn’t unusual for this vehicle based on what I’ve seen, but whether to fix or not…This isn’t a Toyota, so the motor is going to be getting tired along with other things. If everything else is solid and I mean really in good shape and the motor doesn’t use any oil or blow any blue smoke-then yes, I would fix it.

doesn’t use oil runs great

Mopar smallblock V8s that were put in these are as reliable as anything from Toyota–more so than many Toy engines that were prone to oil sludging. The trannys they put in these weren’t too bad either. The suspension and steering parts are worth looking at though. A weak point on many Chrysler vehicles in these years.

but here is the big ??? where can i get cheap parts for this suv ???

These vehicles are as common as dirt. Have you tried online salvage parts networks, like or