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94 Jeep Cherokee Hood Help

I can’t get my hood open…I pulled the release and 1 of the two releases, released. the one on the drivers side will not pop up( release). I pushed on it , I took the grill off, I took the light out??? How can I get at the lock and open the hood?

I’m not familiar with Jeeps.

Are you referring to the secondary latches that prevent the hood from flying up if the main latch fails?

If so, try again by pushing the release and pushing down (gently) from the top (of the hood) to relieve tension on the latch.

Ask at a local body repair shop or go find another Jeep like yours and look at how they are set up.

two person operation. one pulls the release, other pushes down on the hood to let the latch release.

this takes a little finesse. you are trying to push down to let the latch release, but not relatch it. takes just the right amount of pushing down.

the latches need to be lubricated. white lithium grease.