94 E350 engine/backend


Dad is handicapped, van is wheelchair lift ready. Need to get the engine replaced (something about a gasket keeps blowing out 2/2 overheating and spraying fluid everywhere). Ford dealership said $6000 to replace. Anyone have any ideas where to take the van to in Colorado for honest/fair eval (I saw thru quick internet search that rebuilt engine about $1800). Also, plow truck hit the rear and it needs a new backend/bumper, estimate for that (from a different place) was $5000. Gheesh. Mom & Dad don’t have that kind of money, but need this van. Any suggestions??? Thanks!

What engine? How many miles on the van and how much will it be driven? What the heck does " …2/2 overheating and spraying fluid everywhere)." mean?

If this is a 4.6 L I would be looking to have a engine or long block installed from a salvage yard and stay away from rebuilds. The E350 seems like a very heavy van to be hauling around a couple of people and a wheelchair lift. What do most people use?