94 Dodge Dakota Red brake and Antilock lights on

Would anyone have access to antilock brake schematics for a 6-cyl 94 Dakota to help me troubleshoot my warning lamps? Thanks.

Would anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram for the red brake light?

Usually when both the brake warning and ABS light come on, it means there’s a problem with the primary brake system.

Anytime the brake warning light comes on, the ABS light automatically comes on. This is because the ABS can detect if there’s a problem with the the primary brake system. And because of this it won’t operate so the light comes on.

However, the ABS can have a problem where it turns the ABS light on, but it doesn’t turn on the brake warning light.

So, you first have to make sure the primary brake system is working correctly before you even address the ABS light. Because as long as that red brake warning light is on, the ABS light will be on.


Thanks for taking the time to explain the function, but would you know where I can get schematics for the primary red brake warning to start diagnosis? Thank you.

It is unlikely the problem is in the wiring, so a wiring diagram won’t help you.

Start by checking the brake fluid level. Then pick up a Haynes manual for your truck.

And if you insist on checking the wiring diagram first, www.autozone.com may have one in their repair section.