94 Civic intermittent starting problems

Hello all, this is my first posting here. I’ve had a problem with my 94 Civic Si starting, and apparently it’s not that uncommon, except that it never seems to get solved. When you turn the key to start it, it does nothing, no cranking, no clicking, etc. Accessories and the like work fine. So far I have replaced or checked all of the following:


-Battery Cables

-Starter motor & solenoid


-Clutch switch and clutch inhibitor switch

The trouble with diagnosing an intermittent problem is that it is, well, intermittent. You can’t diagnose it when it’s not there, and the car always seems to work fine when you don’t want it to. So has anybody dealt with this before? Is it the ignition itself that is the problem? Some faulty connector that fails commonly?

What if the fault is NOT a part of the starting circuit? You might not find it if you change every part. What if it’s a wire or wiring connector (connection). How are you going to find that? +++ A wiring diagram of the starting circuit and a voltmeter (better, a digital multimeter) are what works best. A poor connection, or switch, will show up as a resistance of a few ohms or more, and as a voltage difference, from one side to the other. A one volt difference would be too much.

Use a test light and probe the black/white wire at the starter cut relay. In the START position this wire should have power. If not, the electrical part of the ignition switch is probably bad.

If you have power at the black/white wire, then probe the opposing side of the relay and note if the black/red wire is powered up.
If not, then make sure there is power at the clutch safety switch and also that the other wire on the clutch switch is grounded.

I’m leaning toward a faulty ignition switch and it should be relatively simple to go through this diagnosis.

After testing the ignition switch with a multimeter, the connection from battery to starter motor was faulty. Will replace ignition switch and post results.