94 chrysler lebaron 3.0L overheating

when i was driving the car a couple days ago the i noticed the temp go way up to the h off the scale then the car shut off and i had to let it sit for a long time then took the car home and parked it, i later drove it to the alley half way around the block and let it idle for a while then noticed the temp start to go all the way up to the j again so i shut it off. the hoses seemed kind of pressurized and did not take long to do so. there ae no leaks anymore the water pump has been changed and also the thermostat. im currently changing the wheel bearing and cv shaft on the driver side because they were bad

does any one now what could be causing this and the fan does work

Have you checked the fluid level in the Radiator when cool? If that is fine the next suspect would be a bad thermostat.

Have you noticed a large amount of white exhaust? I hope not. If the radiator, not just the overflow bottle, is low on coolant, top it off. IF it disappears rapidly again, then you may have a head gasket issue. Does the exhaust smell like maple syrup? Then it’s almost a certainty.

the thermastate was put in saturday and i have to check the levels again i put fluid in the radiater but not the over flow tank becouse i ran out but when its hot i do see fluid boobling in the overflow tank

Could have a blown head gasket. Of course the first thing is to make sure coolant is full. Wait til the engine is cool, remove radiator cap. Make sure it’s full. Leaving the cap off, start engine and see if you have an erruption of coolant. If so the cooling system is being pressurized from one of the cylinders due to a blown head gasket.

yep as soon as i started it fluid cam out just like an erruption. so the head gasket is blown huh?

the car seems to run fine though untill it over heats. would i be able to put i spark checker on each plug so i can see spark and if one is not getting spark thats it would that be ok or can i check like that

Pull plugs, coolant will probably be evident in offending cylinder. Checking for spark has nothing to do with a blown head gasket.

Have you checked the radiator cap? A cap not holding pressure could cause the coolant to boil over. It’s a lot cheaper than a head gasket.

Ed B.

ill pull the plugs and check for fluid today

ok just a lil bit ago, i bleed the system because i did a little reading on it, plus i did change the water pump and thermostat, after i bled the system i continued to let it run it seemed allot better and didn’t get hot like it was plus the heat started working again, the temp Gauge wants it got so high it went back down then slowly raised again (not far though)and went down again. all looks good but this was at idle so i have to drive it and see how she does, but since the heat works does that eliminate the head gasket

and should i use the bars or red devil head gasket sealant anyways or not

and thanks for all the help really appreciate it