'94 Chevy 3500 truck no fuel to carb



I have an old 94’ 3500 Chevy dump truck that i am slowly putting together. It was running all winter for plowing at our house. The straps that hold the gas tank broke so I tied it with wire for temp fix. They became loose and the truck did not seem like it was getting fuel. So I retied tight but it would not start. I out some ether in the carb and it started (new starter and battery). But did not continue to run. Does anybody have any knowledge on how i can trace this problem? Could it be the fuel pump or a clogged line? And how would I deal with this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


If it has the orignal engine it has throttle body injection, not a carb (though they do look similar). When your makeshift strap broke, how much the tank move. If this truck has an in-tank pump (I not sure if it does or not) the pump could’ve been damaged, or you may have crimped a fuel line if the tank moved far enough.


Thank you, I will start with the fuel line.