94 3.8L mustang

Car idles higher the normal after initial startup, wont come down and manifold glows red hot. Vacume leak?? What sensor would cause this and where would i find it?

Any help?

Which manifold? Intake or exhaust? Left or right?

Is the Check Engine light on?

Right exhaust manifold. and no check engine light.Wife was driving the car previous day no problems then went to start car next morning then it revved a little higher then normal after initial start up then idle would not come down like it is supposed to do. Turned car off and on a couple times with no change. I went out and opened hood to see if throttle linkage was stuck-no its fine. left car running about 5 mins or so.I checked water temp gauge its ok. Then I could smell something that was not normal, went to front of car and could see red glow down and around drivers side fender Yikes!!! Told her to shut it off, Manifold red hot.Been parked since.Dont really want to drive it to mechanic shop in fear of doing damage to engine. Hopefully its not done already. was hoping I could fix it on my own with out having to get a bankloan.