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Weird cold start issue

I have a 95 Ford mustang GT. When it is cold outside (Below 40 ish) it starts for about 1 second, dies abd the second time starts fine. has check engine light for lean exhaust. vacume pressure fine and been using injector cleaner but no improvement. replaced spark plug/ wires pcv valve. any suggestions?

Sorry i forgot to mention it also has a semi rough idle of about 100 rpms

You likely have a vacuum leak of some kind causing the lean codes. Also, check the ECT sensor to see if it reads the actual temp before starting the car. If he ECT is not reading acuuartely, it will cause starting issues.

vacuum pressure is stable at 17.5 but i will check the ect sensor tomorrow. wish me luck.

my ect,02, other 02, iat are all functioning properly going to check maf next but it was already replaced

checked maf working properly