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93 Toyota Pickup A/C

I just purchase a 93 Toyota Pickup, and one of the (multitude of) things that was wrong with it is that the a/c doesn’t work. I push the button, green light comes no, air doesn’t get cooler.

Is it a simple matter of recharging the coolant, or do I have to get something repaired?

It’s impossible to say. This is going to require a little bit of diagnosis first.
The problem could be an electrical glitch or it could very well be low on refrigerant (not coolant).

If the system is low on refrigerant then it’s leaking and that will need to be repaired first.

The first steps should be inspecting fuses, probing a few things with a test light to determine if power is being provided here and there with the A/C on, and checking the system pressure. If it has any pressure.