anyone out there who is a specialist for these cars. been to 11 car repair places in broward county fl, doesn’t anyone know how to make it run right? keep changing parts one mechanic asked if i had insurance leave key in ignition and walk away, had no clue how to fix

Detail the problems as much as possible. What year?

93 trans replaced worked for two weeks now works off and on. trans repairman sent me to prime tune who says its the knock sensor. nissan says knock sencor nothing to do with trans. guessing something to do with voltage. something not telling trans to shift at the proper time. shifts late. when car cold will not go when foot on gas all the way to floor. takes few minutes to think about going. sometimes will turn itself off when coasting to slow down or stopped. today kept stalling every time i turned it on. let it sit few hours and tried again. has 82,000 miles well taken care of have spent so much money trying to fix

Let’s see if I’ve got the problem stated as you intended:
"It’s a 1993 Mazda 300ZX. It intermittently works. The transmission shifts late when the car is cold. The car does not accelerate, even when the gas pedal is floored. After a few minuets, the car will go. The engine stalls, sometimes, while decelerating;or, when stopped. Today, the engine stalled every time it was turned on."
Do you need to change any of these details? If you need to, do so. This way, someone might have a clearer idea of how to fix our car.

Sherry. You might get better answers if you stick to just ONE thread on this. It gets confusing when you open up several threads. There are a lot of people here to help, make it easy for us to help.


it’s a nissan 1993 300zx transmission new, works intermitently. shifts late when not working. the car will not accelerate the first few minutes of driving. 3 repairmen says it’s old and takes time to warm up. on occaison will shut off when coasting to slow down or stop. starts right up again when placed in neutral. something is not telling the transmission to work properly. nissan wants $575 for labor to diagnose why trans not getting the right signals to work.