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93 Nissan sentra needs clutch bled

I’m about 98% positive that there’s water in the line, and I want to bleed the system and replace the fluids. However, I need to know exactly where the master and slave cylinders are. When I went to look it up in the chilton’s, somehow, I neglected to find that information. So, in a last ditch effort, I turn to you, the Car Talk Masses, for help.


Every parts catalog I have lists a clutch cable release system, not an hydraulic clutch release system. Try adjusting the cable, or replacing it if it cannot be adjusted anymore.

If these parts catalogs are wrong, the master cylinder should be next to the brake master cylinder, and may even share the reservoir with a hose. The slave cylinder is mounted next to the transmission.

The AutoZone site lists a cable for this car. If the clutch feels mushy (and assuming it’s adjusted correctly) then it’s likely to be a cable fraying and stretching or a pressure plate that is on the way out.

First of all, you cannot bleed water from any hydraulic system. I assume you have a manual transmission.