93 Honda Accord passenger e-Brake not working

I have a 10th anniversary Honda Accord. When you apply the emergency brake, the passenger rear wheel brake does not engage.
This car appears to have 2 master cylinders, but I could not find any documentation to confirm. Is this correct? The reservoir on the passenger side is way above the max mark. I’m thinking this is somehow related to the e-brake issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

The E brake is actuated by a cable…not the hydraulics.
you may have a broken cable.


The cable to the right rear may be seized by rust on a 22 year old car.

“This car appears to have 2 master cylinders…”

One isn’t a clutch master cylinder?

Pull up on the parking brake lever several times and then see if the parking brake works on that wheel.

The rear calipers have ratcheting screw that forces the piston out so the brake pads grab the rotors.


Thanks for the replies. The cable is fine, it was the caliper that was seized. Changing it required brake fluid to be added to “documented” master cylinder. This is the same one that works the front brakes. So I’m still uncertain about the “other” master cylinder. Since the car has an automatic trans, I don’t think it is a clutch master cylinder. I’m still curious to understand what it is.

Why do you think it has 2 brake master cylinders? Because you can see two of them under the hood? Or because you’ve read it has two of them?

I’ve no Honda experience, but I’ve never heard of a car having two master brake cylinders. The ones I’ve had, the master brake cylinder in on the drivers side firewall, near the brake vacuum booster. Most brake master cylinders have two ports, one for the front, one for the rear, or sometimes they work on diagonals, right front/left rear etc. Maybe that is what you mean, you read you have two separate brake circuits. But those designs from my experience (as a DIY’er , not a pro mechanic) only have one physical master cylinder for the brakes.

In any event, glad you got the caliper problem fixed and e-brakes working again.

Find an independent mechanic and ask them if you give them a 10 dollar bill if they will name the things under your hood that you point at.

The “undocumented” brake reservoir on the passenger side of the engine compartment is for the ABS actuator.


insightful got it right. Thanks all.