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93 Ford Escort LX won't start

I bought this little station wagon a few months ago. I was just driving along, minding my own business and all of a sudden the accelerator didn’t work (at the same time there was a funny noise in the area of the glove compartment). The engine was running, but no response. My mechanic replaced the fuel pump (it was leaking anyway), it ran for about 10 miles, then died again, and now it won’t start. It cranks, but won’t turn over. Anybody have a similar problem? Or any suggestions? My mechanic thinks it’s electrical and it’s driving him nuts!

Got spark?
Is(are) the injector(s) pulsing?

The fuel pump relay may have been chattering. A relay will chatter when the voltage is borderline to what it needs. Here is where the fuel pump is located:,4294931160/shopping/locsSelect.htm
Your mechanic needs to check the voltage to the fuel pump. Here is the wiring diagram for it: Check Fig. 7, check the maximize square to enlarge the image, download, and print.

Thanks. I passed this along and gave him the link so he can check it out. I appreciate your help.

Sorry, I’m not the mechanic. Don’t know the answer to those questions. I just know that it cranks. I’ve given him the link to this, so maybe he’ll answer himself. Thanks for your help.