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93 escort won't start...left ignition on overnight

Yes, I left the ignition switch in the “on” position overnight and the battery was dead in the AM. Charged the battery which is fine, but the car only cranks but will not start. Initially, it tried to start, as if 2 cylinders were firing, but now it simply cranks but no start. Could I have fried something?..any tests I can do?..ignition module?..coil?..I don’t have sophisticated testing equipment…thanks!

You can test for spark by removing a spark plug, grounding it against the engine with the wire attached, and watching for spark as your helper (yes, you need a helper) cranks the engine with the starter. If there’s no spark the problem is in the ignition system.

Can you smell gasoline when the engine is cranking over? If so, then the fuel system is probably working. If not, maybe the problem is fuel.

Remove the fuel pump fuse and crank the engine. This should eliminate any pressure in the fuel system. Replace the fuse and turn the ignition to ON. You should be able to hear the fuel pump running. Listen at the gas tank. The pump is inside the tank. If the pump isn’t running, the problem is fuel.

If you’re really serious, you could disconnect the fuel line and verify fuel pressure, but you could have gasoline spraying all over the place, and I don’t recommend this.

There are probably other, better tests, and I hope someone posts them, but I’m trying to think of things you can do with minimal tools and equipment.

DO NOT GROUND A SPARK PLUG WIRE!!! Hold the end of the wire a small gap away from a grounding point, or plug a spark plug into the wire, and hold it against a ground, where you can see the spark across the gap. If you ground the wire itself, there will be no spark, and you can burn out a coil doing that.