'93 Ford Aerostar Van 4.0 with engine light on

Yesturday,never spelled that word until now, lol. I added one can of SeaFoam (16oz’s) to 20 gallons of gas. Changed the oil and added 1/2 (8oz’s) of Seafoam and drove it for about 15 miles. Today I drove it about 10 miles and while the engine was warm I put 1oz.-2oz. through the pcv hose. Shut it off for 5 minutes and restarted it. My engine light is still on. Do you think the engine light will stay on or go off? Did I do everything right? I’m hoping this will free up the EGR valve that the code PO33 indicated wasn’t opening. I Checked all the fuses under the dash but all were good so I don’t think it is the sensor unless there is a fuse for it somewhere other than with all the other fuses under the dash. Am I missing anything?

Maybe you should see if the EGR valve is damaged or plugged up? I’ve seen 5 year old cars with so-hard-you-have-to-chisel-it-out carboned-up crud in the EGR ports, and other 20 year old cars with clear EGR ports. If you van has hard crud in it blocking it up, Seafoam will not clear this for you. The EGR will need to be removed, and the ports cleaned out manually. Also, the EGR valve can be bench-tested to see if it will work. Sometimes, the vacuum diaphram breaks, and it will not open at all.

Thanks BustedKnuckles for your response. I would have checked the EGR valve first if I could find it. But unfortunetly I haven’t been able to locate it yet. Do I need to take something off to see it?