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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid - Wipers

I know my car intimately. We’re on a first-name basis and I am quite familiar with…well, what’s familiar and with what is out of whack.
So when I took my Ford Fusion to the dealer, telling him that there was something off about the timing of my intermittant wipers, OF COURSE he found nothing amiss. I told him that it didn’t happen EVERY time I turned the wipers on, but only every now and then. That was 3 years ago. It’s only gotten gradually worse, since he couldn’t find anything wrong. Now, the wipers, when I turn them off, sometimes stop in mid-wipe, in the center of the windshield. That’s not good.
Also, sometimes they are, indeed, intermittent, and sometimes no matter what setting they’re on, they just keep wiping.

8 year old car. Wiper control stalk is likely partially worn out. The symptoms you describe are consistent with that. Replace it with new one. Parts cost about $80. Labor? Depends on where you live.

The park switch is failing in the wiper motor, that is why the wipers don’t park in the correct location and they skip a “pause” when using intermittent wipers.

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My 2011 Lincoln MKZ (Fusion clone) had the same problem. And then it healed itself! Honest, I don’t know why, but the problem went away. And the problem started early, about 2 years after I bought it new. Dealer couldn’t find anything.