93 Escort will not accelerate

I have a 93 escort with a 140,000 miles with the 1.9 and AT. Sometimes when I go to accelerate the fastest it will go is about 10mph no mater how far I have the gas pedal pushed, and the engine does not rev up at all. It just acts like I am coasting and not using the gas pedal. The car idles fine and will rev up and down when in park.

Is the check engine light on?

First, we need to know the following:

What is the car’s maintenance record–specifically–over the past 3 years?
Please don’t give us a meaningless description, such as “it has been well-maintained”.

What “fixes” have been tried so far?

Is the situation impacted by temperature?
In other words–is it worse when the engine is cold or when the engine is hot?

Too many things in play here…You need to have a skilled mechanic look at it when the problem is occurring…