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1993 ford escort sedan acceleration problem

just purchased a 93 escort sedan 1.9 ltr engine. car runs great when idiling but boggs down when accelerating to the point it almost stalls out but doesn’t stall. the car sat for a while 6 + months. we thought the gas might be bad so we drained the tank filed it with premuim to run thru the line but that didn’t help. thought maybe o2 sensor, changed that but didn’t help. getting error codes 412 and 538 but can’t find any info on these codes. any help would be greatly appreciated.

You have the symptoms of a clogged fuel filter, but I would like to know what those codes mean before recommending putting any money into it.

any idea where I can get the meaning to those codes???

There is a Haynes manual for these. I used to have one but I don’t know what I did with it.

Thanks I’ll check on that and maybe replace the fuel filter. Any other ideas ??? I don’t know much about fuel injectors, could these cause this kind of problem???

Here are the Ford OBDI codes.


Thank you. Looking at both the link you sent and the Haynes manual it looks like I’m on the right track with the fuel. I appreciate your help. I learned alot about the older cars from my Dad before he passed but don’t know much about these cars with the computers and really don’t have anyone to turn to.

Possibly a vacuum leak. Check the rubber elbow on the PCV line, it’s a common problem with Escorts, often cracking or splitting.