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93 Cadillac STS, with northstar engine. Stalling problem

My 93 Cadillac STS with Northstar started stalling about a month ago right after backing out of a parking spot. The service engine light came on staid on but the car restarted right away, although it was a rough start. I was able to drive home with no problem. The next day in the morning, I drove the car with no problem. Later that evening I used it again and again as I was backing out of my driveway, it stalled again and when I restarted it, it gave me like a rough lounge forward. The service engine light came on again and staid on till I came back home, but the car never stalled. The next day I took it to a mechanic, the light came on and they were able to get the codes which told them that two crank sensor were bad. They changed them, drove the car, the light was gone and the car DID NOT stall. Yeah! I went to get it and had my husband follow me and after two miles it stalled again. So we turned around and my husband drove it back and it stalled on him two more times, before we got it back at the garage. The car restarted each time with no problem and the ride was smooth. The next day they checked the wire harness, it was OK, but the Code PO83 kept resetting. They told me they were not able to find where the problem was. I took it to another garage and never stalled. They drove the car the next day for about 15 miles and of course, it did not stall. Since it did not and the light didn’t come on, they were not able to tell where the problem

The trouble code P083 if for: Crankshaft [signal] to the Ignition Module failure.
The crankshaft position sensor produces a signal, a wire transmits the signal to the ignition module. The ignition module cause the spark to the spark plugs to be produced. The failure of the signal (to get there?) could be in connections of the wire(s) which carry the signal. When the parts were looked at, the act of looking, and moving the wires, could have improved the wire connections. Someone could intentionally disconnect and reconnect the wires at the crankshaft position sensor, and at the ignition module. The wiping action produced by the disconnections and re-connections may improve the electrical connection of the wires. Check this information.