'92 toytoa 4x4

When 4x4 is engaged and I make a turn it feels like the front wheels are driving over themselves…

Also, in 2wheel, when I let the clutch out there is a clunk in the rearend but only when I shift and let the clutch out no other time.

This has no center differential, I think, so if you’re getting this feeling on pavement, it’s because you shouldn’t drive on dry pavement with it in 4wd. The tires are having to adjust to the different turning radius, and it’s putting a lot of strain on the drive train.

I just bought the truck and wanted to make sure the 4x4 would work…I have a 2003 pathfinder that doesn’t act that bad so I wanted to make sure it was normal. Thanks for the note.

Check u-joints,then bushings and mounds in the rear.

Found it tonight! Thanks for the replies. It is the last one before the pumpkin!

You have a primitive 4wd system. You really only can use the 4wd system in really slippery conditions or off road.