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92 Toyota Truck leaking transmission fluid

My truck is leaking transmission fluid. I know you are going to tell me that i need new seals but, i have taken this truck to many mechanics and they assure me that its not the problem. It is leaking out the vent. There are two holes in the transfer case that we aren’t sure if they are plugs but we plugged em anyway just to see what would happen and its still leaking so…not a fix. Apparently this is a rare transfer case and even rarer information to be found bcuz this model was only made for two years and because they were pretty reliable finding people that actually worked on them is even harder. HELP!!! Should i just buy a new transfer case or is there a way to fix this?

I’ve seen transmission fluid getting pushed out of the vent in two conditions. The first condition is the case overfilled with fluid and excess gets dumped out of the vent. The second condition was fluid that overheated and forced it’s way out of the tube. Except for the overheating condition, I haven’t yet seen an internal transmission failure cause the fluid out of the vent.

However, if that is the case, here’s a source for used transfer cases for '92 Toyota pick-ups I found with a quick Bing search.

I think BustedKnuckles is right on here; its likely your transmission is overheating and pushing the fluid out of the vent. The easiest and cheapest way to try to fix this, short of replacing the T.C. or transmission, is to do a pan drop, filter change and install a auxillary transmission cooler (the kind that sits in front of the A/C condensor or radiator). Be sure to use the correct Toyota fluid. While you’re in there take a good look at your radiator and pressure test your cooling system to make sure your system is up to snuff. Good luck.