Transmission fluid leaking out of radiator/coolant overflow tank

I own a V6 2008 Honda accord with an automatic transmission. After driving home (about 15 minutes) I noticed a weird smell and some smoke coming out of the hood of my car once I parked. When I popped the hood open I noticed a red-like fluid leaking out of the hose that connects to the coolant overflow tank. I immediately went back inside my car and checked the temperature but it was normal so it did not overheat. I also checked both my transmission fluid and my regular oil. My engine oil was normal but my transmission fluid was empty at that point. So I then assumed that all of the liquid that was leaking out was the transmission fluid and it was quite a lot of it which is safe to assume that it happened shortly before I arrived home so hopefully no major damage was done. I also checked the dipstick for any moisture to see if there was any water but it was all clean aside from a few spots of trans fluid. I did not drive the car any further and only when I was parking was when I noticed that it was a little slower on switching gears (reverse to D) but it was minimal. My question is, will simply changing the radiator fix this problem? Or do I need to do more extent work to it?
Sorry if this is long but i just wanted to cover all the details.

All you can do is replace the radiator, refill the transmission, and cross your fingers.


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I would replace the radiator, get the cooling system flushed and get a transmission fluid exchange with filter change.

  • 1 to Tester, but be prepared to change the transmission earlier than you planned to.

given that there was no sign of water in the tranny, how long do you think it would last? I know it’s hard to come up with an answer but maybe a time estimate? @old_mopar_guy

I don’t wish to be flip, but it will run until it doesn’t. No one can.predict when that will be.

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