['92 Honda Accord] Exhaust System. Failure to Start, LINKED?



I am the owner of a 1992 Honda Accord LX - I have been in need of a replacement exhaust system for the last few months. (Rusted out, exhausts comes out from under the driver’s door) I finally got to the point, were I could get it fixed, so I picked a shop to take it to, and started to back out of my driveway to drop the car off. As I was leaving, the car died and will not start now. So, my ? is…

If the exhaust system if is really rough shape, could it make the car not start? I am not sure if it could be related.

I need to figure out if i can get it towed directly to a muffler shop, or if i need to have it looked at by a regular mechanic first.

Can you repair an exhaust system when the car is not running?


Exhaust system would have no effect on car running. No-start might be caused by many things - has the timing belt been replaced?


Yes, i had the timing belt and <?>Water Pump<?> replaced awhile back.


If you turn the key to “run” without cranking you should be able to hear the fuel pump run for a few seconds. Sound comes from the back. If not it could be the fuel pump relay, common problem with Hondas of this age.


Thank you everyone for the help. I got it towed to my local honda repair, and it was something in the ignition.


It is a rare condition, but fyi, if the muffler baffles come loose, they an cause a stoppage in the exhaust system that will increase the back pressure from the engine to a degree that will prevent the engine from running. I see that this was not the case, but I just couldn’t resist making this remark.


I think if that were the case, the question would be “won’t start, making horrible noises while cranking” instead of just “won’t start”.