'92 Dodge Van Keeps Dying

Heya, everyone. Let me describe my problem. I have a '92 Dodge B250 Van named Lucy. Lucy’s my first vehicle, and I love her the way only a first vehicle can be loved. I had hoped to drive Lucy until she fell apart (even at twenty-two, she has less than 90,000 miles on her. I don’t drive much.), but I’m starting to lose hope of fixing her problem. The problem is that the engine keeps dying, and nobody seems to be able to figure out what’s causing it. It almost always happens when I’m sitting at, speeding up from or slowing down to a red light, curve, intersection or stop sign. Sometimes she’ll die when I first crank her and am sitting in park, and sometimes she’ll die when I’m sitting on the brake in line at a restaraunt. Sometimes she’ll start immediately back up, and sometimes she takes a few minutes to turn back over. Sometimes she’ll die once or twice a week, sometimes she’ll go a couple of weeks between episodes. Other than this problem, the engine runs great; which is also a problem.

Nobody can zero in on the problem because she NEVER does it when at the shop. She once died as I was pulling into the garage bay, but not while they were looking at her. So far I have had a new fuel pump and distributor put in, with each doing nothing more than costing me lots of money and getting my hopes up when it takes a few days after leaving the garage for her to die.

If anyone can give me some advice, I’d be much obliged. This van fits me like a glove, and I’d hate to lose her.

Believe it or not your engine has a crankshaft position sensor. http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=943570&cc=1086140

It could be this sensor is being effected by heat causing the engine to shut down.