92 Camry Stalling


My mechanic and I are stumped… My daughter?s Camry was stalling at stop signs and was very hard to restart if it started at all…

My daughter & her boyfriend first replaced the plugs & wires discovering 1 of the boots connectors to the plug was broken and had to be removed separately… This didn’t fix the problem, our mechanic replaced distributor & cap, igniter and air cleaner.

Started fine, idled and ran well… Restarted fine but after 1 hour would not restart like before… Eventually would restart after several hours…

What are we missing? I don’t want to take to dealer since it has 180k and don’t want to spend anymore money uselessly…

Can you suggest where we need to look?


You need to more specific than, “Won’t start”. Does it crank at normal speed? Does it have spark (use a test spark plug)? Does it have fuel into the engine (spray ether into the engine to see if it will run)? Has the fuel filter been changed?


Spark Test yes, air filter changed, starts runs fine then after car sits for over 1 hour it will just crank and not start… Smell of gas is present… Car tonight when she finally got it started stalled at stop signs if she didn’t put it in neutral and rev engine… She got home at 9:30pm and I went out at 11:20pm and it started fine… Can it be some electronic sensor that could need to be replaced?


It seems like it has too much fuel and not enough air. Try a few different things. To un-flood the engine, hold tha gas pedal to the floor as you crank the engine. As the engine starts, ease up on the gas pedal. Why would it flood? Could be fuel injectors are leaking after engine shutdown (There is fuel pressure after the engine is stopped).

Maybe the fuel pressure regulator is allowing fuel pressure to go too high. This would let the engine run too rich. Measure fuel pressure.

A dirty MAF, or dirty throttle body, can cause a rich condition. Use a MAF Cleaner, and a Throttle Body Cleaner.


MAF stands for what exactly? My mechanic is off this week so I need help with doing what you recommend above… What do I need to disassemble to use the cleaners? Where on the engine is the Throttle Body & MAF? Thanks for your suggestions…