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92 Bonneville Pontiac stalls while driving

After 4 mechanic shops not finding the problem, my car still stalls while driving (only while driving). It just “stops” (no noises except the ding ding sound like if you left keys in ignition with door open) It dings twice then stops. The last mechanic said it was a bad motor mount replaced that and the car now won’t start and before that it started up fine. Since the motor mount bad guy, it cranks and finally I did get it started but idling real rough. When the car cuts out while driving no sounds does it make except I hear a ding ding. I am truly at a loss at these disgusting mechanics who are wannabees in my opinion. One of them put in a tps and the car still stalled, then he said it has to be adjusted. I found out for a 92 Bonneveille no adjustments are needed. Thanks if you can help I am running out of good money spent for bad mechanics.

Is there spark when the engine stalls? It is not too unusual for the crankshaft position sensor to cause the engine to stall, usually hot, then restart as if nothing happened after a few minutes. If the crankshaft sensor fails thee will not be spark to the plugs when the engine will not start, sometimes it will set codes in the computer.

You sure you don’t have a faulty ignition switch that is shutting off on you thus causing the ding ding when it shuts down? Maybe just maladjusted on the steering column.

I second the replacement of the crankshaft position sensor. I had the same symptoms that you describe and after changing out a bunch of components, including the fuel pump and related items and changing out all other sensors and ignition components, I put your exact same question onto this forum. Tester suggested that I check, and if necessary, replace the crankshaft position sensor. I did that. '92 Olds Cutlass ciera w/ 3.3L engine now runs just fine. Get a Haynes manual for your year, make and model. It’ll describe the procedures for changing out this part. After checking my dashboard codes, nothing came up except the code for everything is O.K. A code reader will not show this default in OBD-1 computer systems.

You have a rolling nightmare of a car. Usually. Sell it before more stuff quits working. You must have had one of the good ones but the luck is starting to run out.