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91 Toyota pickup 22re engine

I live in North Pole, Alaska… just outside Fairbanks, smacked between Ft. Wainwright and Eielson AFB. Yeah, it’s cold!

Soo the other day when I was driving home from Eielson to North pole, my truck began to “sputter”… that’s all I can describe it as… At first I though maybe the tires were slipping on the ice, because the truck seemed to lurch sometimes, or lose distance other times…

It was almost like a stutter.

My friends have told me I just may need a basic tune up with plugs, wires, cap and rotor. BTW, the truck was purchased about a year ago from an airman with about 176000 miles… I now have about 186000, and I have had an oil leak since it was bought, but it’s dealt with by having the oil changed regularly and adding oil as I need.

I would do the basic tuneup and I would add a can of dry gas to the fuel tank. I lived in Fairbanks for a couple of winters and dry gas will remove any water that’s accumulated in the fuel. It’s so cold where you are that water gets into your fuel tank anytime it’s less than full. My favorite restaurant (Pagoda) was in North Pole. I was wondering if it was still there when I saw a program (Diners/Driveins and Dives) and saw that they were still serving up those delicious meals. Watch that oil level.

Yeah…I am thinking wire leak…you describe a textbook “Miss” to me… Do a tuneup…in this order…plugs…cap, rotor…then the wires… The water in fuel is def something to check out also…But I’d do a tuneup first.

Hmmm A 22RE doing duty up in Alaska huh…God I love those engines…They have taken me to places I can barely remember now… IN Jungles, on beaches…Snowboarding…4X4ing in CO and NC…Surfing…up to mud to our mirrors…What a great engine

Make mine another vote for the basic tuneup. And check the vacuum lines out when you do this. They’re probably old, dried, and cracked by now.

By the way, you can buy vacuum line by the foot and change them one at a time. It might be prudent even of you don’t discover a vacuum leak.

I had the 22R, the carbed version of the engine, and I agree that they’re pretty much bulletproof.