Popping noise from engine compartment

I just can’t work out where it is coming from.

Start the car and engine runs fine then I put the car in drive and put my foot on the gas pedal and I hear some loud popping which goes away once the car gets up to speed. Until I get to a stop sign/light and come to a complete stop then give the car some gas (not much) to go and pop, pop, and some more popping until the car gets up to speed. Now the strange thing is sometimes it will not happen for a few days and then all of the sudden it is back popping (most of the time when I am going home from work doesn’t do it in the morning). Today after dropping my son off to school it started again (been a nice week with out popping) after about ten minutes of driving I pulled into the market to give it a rest and when I got back in the car and took off there was no more popping it stopped.

So I have worked out,

it happens under load.

Disappears once I am up to speed.

Will not happen when I am parked or in neutral even if I rev the car no popping what so ever. Also no popping at idle

Engine run beautiful.

But I really need help in solving this problem. Someone mention it could be the donuts on the exhaust manifold

Okay here is my baby:

Ford Mustang

289 V8

Auto, Power steering, A/C

One more thing I forgot, it seems to be just coming from the drives side of the engine.

The year and mileage would be nice to know also.

I’m going to take a wild guess that this is pinging. If fits the description.

Is the engine stock? If not, or of you’re unsure, you may have to use premium gas to prevent the pinging.

If it’s an older carburated car, you may have carbon buildup. Carbon deposits retain heat and can cause pinging. Again, premium gas might be the solution. The option would be to pop the head and clean the carbon out.

If it’s a distributor based system, the ignition timing might be advanced a bit too much. Do you have a timing light and the skills to adjust it?

I wonder if you have a spark plug that isn’t firing under load. How many miles has it been since the present spark plugs were installed? How old are the spark plug wires?

The last tune up was done about a year ago, new plugs and wires.

Do you get jerking or ‘hitch in the get along’ when this occurs? If so you could be getting a lean condition on acceleration. If this is carburated, you could have a restricted main jet on one side or a power valve that is failing to open at the correct manifold pressure.

Please give us the year of this Mustang and tell us if there have been any hopup modifications to the engine, manifold, cam, or carbutator.

1966 Mustang no modifications, stock 289 v8 2 barrel (carb was rebuilt six months ago)
There is no jerking when this happens or loss in acceleration, car takes off fine just the noise makes me release the gas pedal when it gets to loud. Which then I feather the gas pedal until up to speed which is usually when it switch to 2nd

Well I change the exhaust donuts today they had seen better days. Took the car for a drive and car was running great until I got to a stop light and went to take off and the popping was still there.
So I am still scratching my head