91 Regal front passenger door not opening

2 years ago something happened to the front passenger door on my 1991 Buick regal limited and now i’m doing work on the car and the door won’t open.

Any suggestions on how to get it open since kicking it open doesn’t seem to be working?

Find a car thief or maybe a locksmith or even a cop.
They’re all trained to open vehicle doors.

A car thief will break a window.
A cop & a locksmith will unlock the door but NOT be able to open it.
OP: Is the door locked and you cannot get it to unlock?
Is there any resistance when you pull on the handles?
What exactly happened to the car 2 years ago?

Yes, there’s some resistence when we pull on the handle.

To tell ya the truth none of the locks work and you gotta get in the backseat and bang on the driver door for it to open.I’m thinking about just getting an airbag and a wedge and trying to open it.

And where is the proof of what you say.

proof as in???

I am assuming roadrunner wants proof from me regarding my comments about the cop, locksmith and thief. I posted my response as a joke. I never assumed someone would ask for proof. Just like I did not ask roadrunner for proof of his statements.
Sorry for the trouble.

I had the same problem with an '89 Lesabre (same chassis). It was corrosion on the door latch mechanism. I got some TDL (The Dry Lube) from the same makers of PBlaster. It is a graphite lubricant in a spray form, and it can creep into some really tight places. I found that if you lift up and hold the door handle, then tap on the door on the edge, half way up where the latch is, it will eventually open. Then HOSE the open latch with this stuff, and use a screw-driver to work the mechanism closed then open and closed again until it opens easily. You may have to spray the mechanism a few more times as you work it. This worked for me.