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'91 jetta WV which was sitting for about 4 years. Trying to weak it up

Thank you for reading my post!

I have this beautiful WV that I need to wake up. I have a charger solar 580 in the battery already, remove the spark plugs, put oil on it and was able to turn over the engine pretty decently; but as soon as I put back the spark plugs and wires, the engine will barely turn over, just a little bit… Any suggestions?

Many thanks

Sounds like your timing is off

An engine is much easier to turn over with the spark plugs out because the engine isn’t compressing anything. So your weak battery can easily turn over the engine with no spark plugs, but with the engine up to compression, it can’t.

Though have you only tried using the solar charger? Those things don’t crank out enough amps to fully charge a battery-- they’re strictly for keeping the charge on a battery that’s sitting or making it so you don’t lose your radio stations when you disconnect the battery. Since the battery is apparently sort of working, you might try using an actual charger or jump-starting the car and maybe you’ll get lucky.