91 Jetta not getting fuel?

I was driving my 91 Jetta diesel and it suddenly stalled in 3rd gear.

The engine will turn over, but it will not start. I noticed that it had air bubbles in the fuel return line to the fuel filter.

I have bled the lines with no luck. I connected a hand pump with a jerry can of diesel and fed it straight into the injector pump to try and rule out anything before that point, and still, nothing. We cracked the injectors, to bleed the lines, and diesel is dribbeling out, but not starting. I am stumped please help!

I will also ad that i have checked the feul shutoff soleniod, and that seems to be fine.

bump, still need help

bad pump.

I had an 86 and could easily manually fill pump on top inlet bolt. sounds like your pump is full. do you have a spare/ junkyard/replacement mechanical injector you can hook up and observe the spray pattern ( pop-off under full pressure) ? Is there a brain/ computer for this model? I am remembering that it had a pressure/altitude module on the firewall,(1991) but maybe before there was sensors and error lights installed, but this is getting near 20 years old now. You didn’t mention a recent fill up where fuel quality/purity was in question…My 86 only had the engine pump, so if that lost prime (break in lines or a vent etc…) it would not run unless you primed mechanical pump by filling it, which it sounds like you did, but not certain.