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91 honda accord power loss

I was bored last week and tried a trick my dad used to do in his chevelle. It involves turnung off you car in gear while holding the gas then when you start it again it backfires. After doing this i noticed a drop in power in my car. It was solved when i put gas in my tank the first time then got worse as i ran out again. I filled up the tank again and it didnt fix it this time.

That trick only works with carburetors, which no '91 Honda comes with.

If you really induced a strong backfire maybe you shattered the innards of the cat converter and it’s plugged.

A little late for April fools’.

This “trick” doesn’t work with fuel injection, because as soon as you turn off the ignition the fuel injectors stop injecting, so there’s no fuel being pumped into the exhaust.

I’d have the fuel pressure tested. The pump may be getting weak after nearly 20 years.