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91 Honda Accord no high beams

I have a 1991 Accord that won’t turn on the high beams. I can pull the dimmer switch and it clicks and the dash indicator comes on for the high beams but it just keeps the low beams on. I am guessing the dimmer relay isn’t working properly but am not sure how to test it.

Also where would I buy one? I have checked a couple sites and even a search doesn’t bring it up.


A quick way to test a relay is place your fingers on top of the relay. Then have someone try turning on the high beams. You should feel the relay click. If you don’t feel anything then relay probably isn’t functioning. If you can’t find an aftermarket relay, then you’re probably going to have to get one from the dealer.


Did manage to find one at Advance, listed as a misc relay. Guy didn’t want to sell it to me since it didn’t show as a headlight relay.

Put it in and nothing so I got my test light and checked wires then realized the highs had power on both sides until you turn them on. Everything else checked out and I think it might just be both bulbs are gone. I just got the car and with some of the other electrical issues, I just figured it was deeper.