91 Geo storm - No power at high RPM

The current symptoms of this car is no power past 3k RPM. Even with the clutch pressed in (or in neutral) I cannot rev past 4k.

What I’ve done so far.
fuel filter

Compression is 150-170 all cylinders
Does not seem to be missing.
I’ve taken off the Cat and there was not change.

This is after the car was garaged for 8 months with a half a tank of gas. The car started right up and I drove around 5 miles or so with no ill effects. Car performed just as well as when parked. Good power across all rpms. Then I topped off the tank with fresh gas. Not 200 ft of driving later the car was firing only on the #3 and #4 cylinders. This is what prompted all of the new parts and compression test above. None of the new parts fixed the dead cylinders. When checking if the injecotrs on 1 and 2 were firing i unplugged and plugged in all the injector connections. Now the car runs on all 4 cylinders. But, I have the above power issues.

Good luck everyone. I’m running out of ideas and I really wanted to donate this car to a family we know that could use it.

If you haven’t done so, check the fuel pressure. A weak fuel pump will cause the engine to lay down when asked for power.


If it turns out that the fuel rail has good pressure, suspect the injectors. That eight months of sitting may have left the injectors gummed up. In jectors can be readily removed, bench tested, and cleaned (you can remove them and call around for a shop that has a test setup).